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Kevin Michael Tillman’s Cover of “Take it Away” by Karmin – Used with permission.

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Special thanks to Shawn Northcutt for recording and producing this video for us!

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DCIM100MEDIAI’m torn.

Do I just drop Facebook “Friends” that keep insisting that they are biblical/religious experts that feel free to condemn one type of sin while they enjoy their shrimp, lobster and pork; While they cook everything in one pan on one stove; while they wear Poly/Cotton blended cloth; while they work on Saturday – or Sunday for that matter?

Do I continue to be “Friends” that insist it’s “Nothing personal?” (No, really, this was actually said to me by someone that said that homosexuality is a sin and that we need to change and that overturning DOMA was declaring “Good evil and evil good.”)

They seem to be experts on how I live, on how my love and relationship for David is somehow wrong and they want it to be outlawed while not doing the same for divorce and re-marriage – (One-up for the Iron Rule of the Catholic Church, BTW. They do a rel good job of pitting families against each other Just to live in the Dark Ages.)

These “Friends” think that my life is lived just to “Feel good.” (again – this was actually posted) It didn’t feel all the “Good” while I sat there and watched my first partner die while I sat up sleepless by his bedside.

I will no longer sit here and take the bullshit that gets bandied about by  anti-GLBTQ religious moralists. What it really is is a group of people that insist that the Law applies to us, while little if any of the rest of the Law applies to them. All they have to do is declare Jesus as their Lord and Savior and you get a “Get out of jail free” card.

This is not a statement about outright anti-organized-religion or and anti-religion at all. It is about having someone impose their religious beliefs, whatever they may be, on others. It’s especially a worse offense, in my eyes, anyway, when the do so while decrying that anyone should happen to try to impose anything on them. While to most sane people this would sound just simply silly, to them, they are being oppressed in the name of God, all the while not realizing that an attempt is being made to enforce what Thomas Jefferson called “Separation of Church and State.” (enjoy)

Here are 35 Quotes Convervative Christians Will Hate.

In addition, even Jesus recognized that the Kingdom of God was not of the world and said so to His apostles. When Jesus was asked about taxes and if they should be paid, he said “render unto Ceasar…”

Mat 22:20 And he saith unto them, Whose [is] this image and superscription?
Mat 22:21 They say unto him, Caesar’s. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.

Yes, Jesus is talking about who should get the physical money – God wants us, not our money (hint-hint) but he was also making it clear that he did not come to rail against the current government or change Roman law to fit his vision of what it should be.

Yes, there are real problems that should be addressed: Poverty, hunger, inequity, injustice. But it boggles the mind that there are so many overly vocal anti-GLBTQ people out there that could make such a tremendous difference if they focused all of that energy on the real things that need fixing.

If heterosexual marriage is in such dire straits, why not address the real issues? Why are divorce rates among heterosexuals so high? In my opinion, and that of a great many others, divorce is the leading threat to marriage! If this isn’t quite clear to you, perhaps you might want to go back and do the math. In addition, a large number of couples who could get married, and yes, I mean heterosexuals, are choosing not to get married for various reasons. Are you worried about the sanctity of marriage? Well, then perhaps you should try to actually talk to people without accusing them of sinning first – trust me, the best way to end a dialog is “The Bible says you’re living in sin, so why are you doing that?”

And so, we come back to my initial question. I am really tired of the BS, but then if I slam the Facebook “Friend” door in their face, well then there won’t be any dialog.

That being said, a good friend of mine once said, “There’s no winning with and ideologue. Once you get to ‘God says…’  or ‘The Bible says…’ that is pretty much the end of the real dialogue.”

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the energy to deal with the ultra-conservative anti-GLBTQ evangelical ultra-mega-church-y pounding over the head “Well, the Bible says it’s against God’s will.”

Then I ask “Which Bible” and they say “The Bible,” I mean, really, with Lord knows how many different versions and languages the Bible is in and they can’t answer a simple question? (Sigh)

See? There I go again….

So, tell me, which is it? To “Un-Friend” or not to “Un-Friend?”

Why do evangelical conservative Christians refuse to take the time to know that there are cultures that are completely unlike theirs that aren’t going to burn in hell? That we as gays and lesbians aren’t the way we are “just because it feels good?” That our love and devotion to our partners, husbands  and wives is just as real as theirs?

I think the folks that argue using the Bible should know it completely and very well before bringing it out as a fencing instrument.

They like to use the Bible to tell everyone else not just how great they are but just how inferior and sinful gays and lesbians are. Especially, just how specific God was about making sure we know how Evil homosexuality is because it was singled out in Leviticus.

Well, I have some bad news for you, and I think you should sit down for this one: Leviticus only mentions homosexuality once. However, it mentions a great many other things punishable by death.

Of note, I would like to point out that divorce and adultery are hugely forbidden in the Big OT, but I don’t see anyone trying to outlaw them. Also of note: The eating of shellfish and any animal with a cloven hoof can’t be eaten, according to the OT. But, again, I don’t see any great upstanding born-again pleading to their law-makers to write a bill! And, too any garment of mixed cloth (can you say poly-cotton blend, boys and girls?)  – nope, again, nothing from the super-holier-thans.

Oh, but that’s right, God told Peter, “what I set before you, eat” [Acts 10:8-10:16] but God was speaking of the Gentiles, not actual food – so much for the Bible being a “literal document.”

Look, all we are asking for is this: We want to live with the same freedoms that you have, not “Special rights.” If we were asking for special rights, we could fire you for being straight or for being Christian. We can’t, but in 29 states, we can be fired simply for being gay! How is that right? You choose to be Christian just as much as you say that we choose to be gay.

The Supreme Court overturned DOMA because it created a Protected Class of people. I believe that this illustrates that point, once again.

I’d go on, but then I’d lose they few that even stuck with me this far.

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