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Here’s Your Reward


Thanks for taking some time to talk with me.

Now, here’s the download I promised you:


Winter Before the Fire, GALA Festival 2004, Miami, FL

“Garage Sale”

Edited June 29, 2014


This is a live list of items I have available
Right now the power tools are on hold, but email me if you have any questions.

Why “garage sale” in quotes?

Because for the most part, this stuff is free for the asking and it’s a shed, so it’s more of a “shed browse and take,” also right now I don’t have any specific dates of times

Any Questions, use the “Contact Us” tab.

  • Shop Power tools
    • Craftsman 1 X 6″ Belt And Disc Sander model #35122671 – $50
    • Craftsman Jointer Plane model #149236222 – $50
    • Delta 8″ Drill Press Model model #11950 with stand – $60
  • nails, bolts and all sorts of hardware, metal baskets and if enough gets gone, even shelving and benches, the kinds of things you’d expect to find in a tool shed.
  • lumber, some tables, for setting stuff up off the floor in your garage or using for your next outdoor event, and odds and ends.
  • seasonal decorations (Halloween skull yard lights for the sidewalk, outdoor Christmas lights and a small tabletop Christmas tree)
  • what appears to be a bike cover or a moped cover – was here before I got here,
  • two small fog machines (party tools from 7 years ago) and the fog juice to go with them.
  • a few hand tools
  • a frame mounted bike pump.
  • an electric air pump (make offer)
  • a hydraulic floor jack and jack stands – heavy “Shop-Type” for jacking up cars, etc.

There’s plenty to go around, and more that I haven’t mentioned.

There are a few items that I’m asking a few bucks for.


There will also more than likely be an event in late September or early October as I continue to clean out.

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