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Why do evangelical conservative Christians refuse to take the time to know that there are cultures that are completely unlike theirs that aren’t going to burn in hell? That we as gays and lesbians aren’t the way we are “just because it feels good?” That our love and devotion to our partners, husbands  and wives is just as real as theirs?

I think the folks that argue using the Bible should know it completely and very well before bringing it out as a fencing instrument.

They like to use the Bible to tell everyone else not just how great they are but just how inferior and sinful gays and lesbians are. Especially, just how specific God was about making sure we know how Evil homosexuality is because it was singled out in Leviticus.

Well, I have some bad news for you, and I think you should sit down for this one: Leviticus only mentions homosexuality once. However, it mentions a great many other things punishable by death.

Of note, I would like to point out that divorce and adultery are hugely forbidden in the Big OT, but I don’t see anyone trying to outlaw them. Also of note: The eating of shellfish and any animal with a cloven hoof can’t be eaten, according to the OT. But, again, I don’t see any great upstanding born-again pleading to their law-makers to write a bill! And, too any garment of mixed cloth (can you say poly-cotton blend, boys and girls?)  – nope, again, nothing from the super-holier-thans.

Oh, but that’s right, God told Peter, “what I set before you, eat” [Acts 10:8-10:16] but God was speaking of the Gentiles, not actual food – so much for the Bible being a “literal document.”

Look, all we are asking for is this: We want to live with the same freedoms that you have, not “Special rights.” If we were asking for special rights, we could fire you for being straight or for being Christian. We can’t, but in 29 states, we can be fired simply for being gay! How is that right? You choose to be Christian just as much as you say that we choose to be gay.

The Supreme Court overturned DOMA because it created a Protected Class of people. I believe that this illustrates that point, once again.

I’d go on, but then I’d lose they few that even stuck with me this far.

Question from a friend:


I could have sworn the court ruling pertained to the State of California; as, that is where the case originated.

The Prop 8 ruling applied only to California.

The DOMA ruling pertained to federal benefits currently only extended to heterosexual couples

The Prop 8 rulings do not affect any other state, but they are a moral boost for advocates and seen as something of a setback for anti-gay-marriage and anti-equality groups since they see developments like this as an affront to “traditional family values” although it has yet to be proven that any of this will actually threaten “traditional marriage” or “family values” since the definition of both have been neither “traditional” nor “family” oriented.

This is, of course, mostly my opinion, but since the biblical definition of marriage was originally one of ownership and seeing the wife as chattel, and most recently marriage was suddenly redefined as “continuation of the species” rendering any non-child bearing marriage as not a real marriage, I can’t for the life of me see what their problem is short of outright ignorance or fear of the unknown at best to simple bigotry at worst. I can only give the opposition the benefit of the doubt but I’ve been called faggot too many times to believe it’s all about family values.

To me it has turned out that too many well-meaning Christians have been lead by self righteous biggots into believing that they are doing the Lord’s work. I judge that work by it’s fruits and I see disparity and suicide too m any times – this cannot be the Lord’s will when too many suffer at the hands of the “well meaning rescuers.”

The definition of “cooperation” is not “I’ll work with you as long as you do as I say.” Representing the American people does not mean ignoring the election results and the polls and continuing to do the same crap you’ve always done. Saying you’ll do everything to help America succeed does not mean getting elected into congress and taking off more days than any hard working citizen, then getting paid to go raise money to make sure you stay in office. All the while you’re saying that you can’t get anything done? Of course not you loud mouthed blowhards – you’re never in the office long enough.

Stop telling us that you have great ideas to save the economy when you actually conspired to sabotage it!

The only reason these creeps are still in office is that they can manage to work up enough fear through the fox-idiot mouth piece and through making complete lies sound like half truth – their followers are so lazy, they probably stopped at the second sentence of this post.

By this point, I’m so tired of people blaming the president for the state the country is in without regard to the state it was in when he took office or the state it currently is in with employment on the climb and the stock market at record levels.

The only way America is going to succeed is if we get together and some of us stop acting like playground bullies. The economy is improving despite the Republican-best-efforts to make Obama a one-term President (how’s that working for ya?)

Imagine how far along we’d be if there hadn’t been continual obstruction. Oh, and don’t give me the line about how much worse it would be if the republicans hadn’t stonewalled, especially since most of them hopped on the benefit bandwagon after the Obama Administration was able to get the legislation through and then went and told their constituents how evil Obama is!


My favorite quote of the day: “How much respect does a hunter get for gunning for deer with a assault rifle with a 100 round clip? NONE.”

This isn’t about hunting. If you like going to the firing range, Super! I’m happy for you. In fact, I would love to go with my brother-in-law sometime and fire off some rounds. And there are great places to do that, even open air ranges designed for tourists to blow very large holes in junk cars with very big machine guns – SOUNDS LIKE FUN.

Here’s the deal. Those venues are great and they are controlled environments, they hold permits and licenses for what they do (if they don’t, well they should) and that is where a lot of rounds fired off at once can be safely used. However, outside of those places, clips that hold 5 rounds or less should be enough. Keep your assault rifles, just minimize the damage they can do at any given time. I’m only half-joking when I say, “Want to do more damage? Improve your aim!!”

Here’s what I propose – and I’m not the first. Have universal background checks. Want a gun? Then man up and take a psychiatric exam and a criminal background check. Get a qualification exam for the weapon, or class of weapons you want to use. Even our military has to do this, and they don’t own the weapons they use. Why? So they don’t end up killing themselves or their buddies (accept that as a gender-inclusive term “Buddy” please!) Finally, one cannot purchase a firearm without that documentation. Period. Not person to person, gun show, Wal-Mart. NOWHERE in the US.

I see these as common-sense issues. Notice that I never said “Take the guns away.” I just said “Make sure people know how to use the things properly and that they aren’t a risk to themselves or others.”

The second amendment has not been violated here. No one but you and your examiners will ever know why you passed or failed your examinations, and the psych examiners should observe the same privacy rules all doctors/counsellors do: They cannot discuss your condition unless you are currently a risk to yourself or others.

These requirements benefit everybody, including gun owners and their families. How many in-home accidental gun deaths have their been by simple misuse of a firearm, either while cleaning it, not properly stowing it or so many other senseless gun accidents? I’m not even talking about domestic violence or any of that.

Does this solve use of guns in violent crimes? No. But neither does arming everyone to the hilt. Americans still have that un-excisable “pioneer spirit” and too many of us think that we are living in the Old West. Want to act like a vigilante and take the law into your own hands? Don’t. Want to act like a cop, become one.

Stop throwing BS about the second amendment at me – if assault rifles are covered under the second amendment, then so are RPGs, 2mm machine guns, hand grenades, etc. (Grenades and other explosives are stills “Arms”) They all protect the citizens from a potential “run-away government.” Stop getting your scenarios from TV-armegedon shows and fear mongers. Y’all sound like you’ve been watching too many episodes of “Walking Dead!” – BTW the government blows up a large city in the first couple of episodes!

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