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Why do evangelical conservative Christians refuse to take the time to know that there are cultures that are completely unlike theirs that aren’t going to burn in hell? That we as gays and lesbians aren’t the way we are “just because it feels good?” That our love and devotion to our partners, husbands  and wives is just as real as theirs?

I think the folks that argue using the Bible should know it completely and very well before bringing it out as a fencing instrument.

They like to use the Bible to tell everyone else not just how great they are but just how inferior and sinful gays and lesbians are. Especially, just how specific God was about making sure we know how Evil homosexuality is because it was singled out in Leviticus.

Well, I have some bad news for you, and I think you should sit down for this one: Leviticus only mentions homosexuality once. However, it mentions a great many other things punishable by death.

Of note, I would like to point out that divorce and adultery are hugely forbidden in the Big OT, but I don’t see anyone trying to outlaw them. Also of note: The eating of shellfish and any animal with a cloven hoof can’t be eaten, according to the OT. But, again, I don’t see any great upstanding born-again pleading to their law-makers to write a bill! And, too any garment of mixed cloth (can you say poly-cotton blend, boys and girls?)  – nope, again, nothing from the super-holier-thans.

Oh, but that’s right, God told Peter, “what I set before you, eat” [Acts 10:8-10:16] but God was speaking of the Gentiles, not actual food – so much for the Bible being a “literal document.”

Look, all we are asking for is this: We want to live with the same freedoms that you have, not “Special rights.” If we were asking for special rights, we could fire you for being straight or for being Christian. We can’t, but in 29 states, we can be fired simply for being gay! How is that right? You choose to be Christian just as much as you say that we choose to be gay.

The Supreme Court overturned DOMA because it created a Protected Class of people. I believe that this illustrates that point, once again.

I’d go on, but then I’d lose they few that even stuck with me this far.

The dichotomy of Fiction v Non-Fiction

How much is social engineering?
How much of it keeps us from reality?
How much of reality is perception?

Media outlets allowing fiction to fuel the story – b/c/o the 24hr news cycle & the fear of being scooped, etc.

Social engineering through desensitization.
Extreme violence, sex, drama, etc.
Extreme comedy, extreme fear, extreme love.
Comparative paradigms – vicarious experience & sensationalization of self destructive behavior.

The fiction of “Reality TV”

Personal “Prisons”

Using the metaphor of “The Prisoner” and how we can be our own jailer or our own liberator
How can we expand our personal walls?
how far into the desert are we willing to wander?
How long are we wiling to tread water?

How long can we do this before the “Rover” of social engineering norms drags us back into The Village?

What aspects of our lives are Pavlovian Social Responses – Cell phones, texting,“Productivity”?

notes –
* Dehumanization of automation
* How much does the interconnectedness of social networking isolate us from human face-to-face interaction?
*Has this kind of interaction fed the media cycle & how the media behaves?
The sudden disregard for electronic archival media & the understanding that facts can be researched more easily than ever before

Prologue: I get sick and tired of getting those “Don’t Forget 9/11 and who’s to blame for it – let’s go kill the Bastards……..” kind of chain emails.
Actually, I’m sick of all of the crap knee-jerk “send this out or else” chain-email. It’s not as bad as being SPAMMed – it’s WORSE, because anyone who sends them out is HELPING the SPAMMERS by providing countless email addresses out in the open for anyone to “steal”, and that is always what happens. Actually, I’ve counted as many as 120(!) at one time – you know, you have to scroll down for an hour just to get past all of the email addresses before you get to read the actual message? But I always take the time to thank the sender by blind-emailing everyone in the message to explain their “friend’s” contribution to their SPAM email load. Who do you think originally writes those things? If you said “The SPAMMERS” then you win the door prize. These meaningless pieces of junk also contribute to choking up the internet with useless and meaningless sentimentality – sure, there are cute ones here and there, but most of them could be reduced by up to 75% if folks would just trim out the email addresses and blind copy their list of friends…. I recently received a “Don’t Forget 9/11 and who’s to blame for it – let’s go kill the Bastards……..” from a “Christian” person who is very dear to me. This is what I sent to the 30 people whose email addresses I had so graciously (or, more likely, thoughtlessly and carelessly) been given: — While these messages are quite disturbing in the casual, base way they are written to bring about a gut reaction to their readers, with the express intent not of railing about 9/11 but to steal your email address….. (that’s why several of you have no idea who I am, and yet, here I am emailing you – then you wonder why you get spammed all the time – it’s because people insist on sending meaningless, emotional, empty-headed junk with your email in the CC field for all to see, AND COPY FOR THEIR USE, WHATEVER THAT MAY BE. This is the fundamental reason why you don’t see who els I sent this to, though I sent it out to 30 people) …….and though I continually get ignored when I tell certain individuals to respect my email address by blind copying me, I have to get dead serious about the content of the message itself, because I believe it is time someone finally ripped that red, white and blue blankie from your hands. We are not children – most of us – that can simply wave the flag and think everything is going to be just fine – they did it in the streets of Berlin, too, ya kow… It is time someone showed you the reality of how we have all been played for suckers! (are we Americans or Christians? You can not serve two masters!) — The email I received from a caring person only underscores the knee-jerk emotionalism and patriotism we are programmed to feel and express every time the memory of 9/11 is invoked. The American people have been manipulated to behave this way – from the inception of the nation – and it’s time they woke up to the truth: The war on terror (WOT) is a farce. Those 7 words will likely make you angry. If that phrase does upset you, you will likely not want to read the rest of this, but I believe it’s in your best interest to read it. We have been manipulated like a bunch of sheep and this could be your chance to wake up from the sleepy dream of a lie we have been told. If you took the time to read the piece of flag-waving junk that caused me to write this, you can certainly take the time to read this – it’s the difference between reading a comic book or real history….. This is not to say that 9/11 wasn’t a terrible thing – it was, but let’s put things into perspective, shall we? I’m not trying in any way to disrespect the victims of 9/11 or their families. I am not trying to disrespect our troops (I myself served in the Navy.) I do not, in fact “Hate America”, so let’s just set all of those little straw men aside and get serious, OK? The WOT is an excuse to get Americans all riled up to justify murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 9/11. Let’s think about this. If I recall correctly, the Lord said:
Mat 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies,bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you,and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; Mat 5:45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven:for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good,and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. Mat 5:46 For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye?do not even the publicans the same? Mat 5:47 And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more [than others]? do not even the publicans so? Mat 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.
Eventually, the government will continue on to a third nation (Iran) on the premise that they are developing and will use nuclear weapons against the United States. All the while refusing to have any real diplomatic relationship with them in order to help ease the tensions, exactly as we treated Iraq, and the unfounded reports of Iraq having ambitions for nuclear weapons are exactly as was Iraq – and we know how accurate that was! Besides, have we provided any nation with any meaningful solution to protect themselves from the US besides developing some kind of WMD? The US has the largest and most deadly stockpile of WMD’s in the world! The “WOT” is the central excuse given as the reason that the American people accept horrible acts torture acceptable if we beat “The bad guys” or “Avoid another 9/11”. I have actually talked to people who said this to me. WHAT???? Since when did Jesus say “Love your neighbor, unless you need to torture them to protect yourselves!” ? I DON”T CARE WHO THEY ARE! If we stoop to that level, then we are become that which we claim to detest! The 9/11 attacks were a great opportunity used as a pretext for unbridled and unending war! Those who make money on wars – and there are a lot of them – stand to make Trillions upon Trillions of dollar in profits off of the blood of our soldiers and, truth be told, the other side’s fighters as well, since they don’t care who they fund or arm – the US was actually caught FUNDING al-Qaida at the same time we are supposedly fighting them in Iraq! (“al-Quida” is Arabic for “The Base” which refers to the CIA database of Afghani freedom fighters that we were training and funding during the USSR invasion of Afghanistan) The WOT gave the US an excuse to invade the two countries that stood in the way of a major oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea, Iraq and Afghanistan. The “WOT” is also the central reason given for the writing of laws that have trashed our civil liberties and brought use dangerously close to a police state! It has been used as a excuse to allow illegal activities to be carried out by our own government for the sake of our “safety and security.” You can be rest assured that nearly if not all of the Bill of Rights no longer applies, thank you very much. You can also be assured that those in the current administration who have sworn to uphold and protect the constitution have treated it like so much toilet paper. Bush on the Constitution: ‘It’s just a goddamned piece of paper’ And yet, we all seem to want to wave the flag and shout “US #1!” right after someone cries “9/11, 9/11, 9/11!” – very much like what the Germans did when someone cried “Reichstag, Reichstag, Reichstag!” Well the reality is, we aren’t #1, unless you say that we are #1 in invading countries that had nothing to do with 9/11 and #1 in failing to capture our #1 “Suspect.” The American govt. has staged or permitted at least 4 individual events and lied to it’s people untold numerous times to bolster support for war. The American government has played a major role in the coups and guerrilla wars around the world for at least 60 years. It was America that overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran in the 60’s to make way later on for the Shah’s and the anti-American sentiment that arose from our actions. It was the United States Government that aided and brought to power a great list of “evil” men: – Osama Bin Laden and the freedom fighters of Afghanistan were created and aided by the US during the USSR occupation of Afghanistan. We armed and trained them – I would say we’ve done a pretty good job! – The US armed Iran (remember the Iran Contra Affair that no one went to prison for?) and later gave Saddam Hussein WMD’s during the war between Iran and Iraq. Yep, that’s right, we armed BOTH sides of that conflict and yep, you guessed it – the WMD’s that we were after in the 90’s in Iraq were the same WMD’s that we sold him and taught him how to make – I would say that the US is either a very bad judge of character or they know how to set up their targets…. The list is pretty long. It is also very embarrassing…. if you thought it was great to be an American – especially when you thought you were the cowboy with the white hat…. The United States is in fact the number one supporter of state-run-terrorism. We funded the group that eventually came to be named “Al Qaida.” We funded the Sandinistas. Many banks and businesses were, in fact aiding and funding the Nazi’s during WWII, even AFTER we joined the war! We have illegally invaded two nations in the name of anti-terrorism, then we helped evacuate al-Qaida after we occupied Afghanistan. It isn’t and never was about “terrorism.” If it was, we would have actually captured Osama Bin Laden by now, not made up fake videos of him threatening the US (BTW, I live in Durham NC, Home of Duke University where the preeminent American authority on Osama works. He has stated to colleagues of mine, that the recent audio and video recordings of him are fakes.) Why don’t the TV and news papers tell you all this? Look at who owns them: Most are owned in part or in whole by government and military contractors. They have a big stake in making money on war! Take some time to view the video below. Zeitgeist Movie Part 3 ZEITGEIST, The Movie – Official Release – Part 3 of 3 47 min 5 sec – Jun 27, 2007 Average rating: (740 ratings) Description: ZEITGEIST, The Movie – Official Release. Part 3: “Don’t mind the men behind the curtain”. Full Film Here Mr. Kevin Michael Tillman – Not Pat Tillman’s Brother….. home page Blog

One of the greatest things that we as artists, poets, songwriters, etc. are called to is the role of voice of the people.

In the early days – and I mean “in the beginning of music” song writers and musicians played a major role in the spiritual community. As time went on, bards and minstrels took on the social concerns of their day – as well as writing and singing love songs and carrying on the oral history through music.

Musicians became the “free speakers” of their time. Quite often able to speak up about injustice and other social issues. Many times they got away with it by making light of the escapades of those in power – in reality, they were really tearing away at the powers that be by informing their fellow citizens about the goings on in their world.

That was a very different time, but I am proud to say that the tradition lives on. A friend of mine emailed me a link to an mp3 file and it took me a few minutes fo figure out who the artist was.

It is a song called “Dear Mr. President” by Pink – featuring the Indigo Girls.

I will let the song speak for itself and Pink’s Story about the song to speak for themselves.

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