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Where is Love, a ten-movement song cycle, debuted in Raleigh, NC on June 21, 2009. The response was very positive and it was a great experience for me, Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus and the audience.

performed the Baritone Solo and I sang the Tenor Solo.
My mom, brother and close friends sat in the front row, among them Sally and Amy, for whom “Winter Before the Fire” was written.
From the “From the Composer” section of the concert program:
Where is Love started out as one song in 2005 entitled ‘Red Rose.’ I made a demo recording of the first and second drafts of the piece to present to people I believed could help me improve on the piece.
Upon hearing the demo recording, TGMC Artistic Director John-Philip Mullinax made some suggestions to improve on the song, and then suggested that I email the recording to Dr. Tim Seelig, then Artistic Director for Turtle Creek Chorale in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Seelig’s response was a very positive.
Then in February 2007, I met with Dr. Seelig in New York City. I was a member of a mass choir that would be performing When We No Longer Touch by Kristopher John Anthony. It is this work that inspired me to write ‘Red Rose’ and later take on the journey of writing Where is Love.

Dr. Seelig and I met briefly after one of the rehearsals and he was very warm and encouraging. He also suggested that I keep writing music because he thought that I had promise as a composer.
‘Red Rose’ debuted in June of 2006 and was released as a CD single later that year. As I talked with John-Philip Mullinax, fellow chorus members and friends about ‘Red Rose,’ I realized that there was more to the story that the song hinted at.

And so began the journey to what you will hear tonight. Three years later, almost to the day since I wrote the first concept draft of what would become ‘Red Rose,’ Where is Love makes its world premier. It is a story about a journey to find love.

What does it really mean to love,
anyway? And in the midst of that question lies
another, ‘Where is God’s love for me?’
I am honored to have Dr. Seelig, who has provided so much encouragement over these past few years, here beside me this evening.
I am also deeply indebted to my band of brothers, Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus, to John-Philip Mullinax, and to my friends who have all supported me and believed in this work.”

After a very successful world premier of Where is Love, Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus performs “Winter Before the Fire” at the GALA Choruses 2008 International Festival in Miami.

It was an extraordinary moment. We completed the third piece in our set and then John-Philip Mullinax, our Artistic Director, Announces “Winter Before the Fire” and the soloist, Kevin Tillman, the composer. I step up to the microphone. For me, this is one of those moments I’ve worked for the past two and a half years…

We’d premiered the full work Where is Love two weeks prior. It went extremely well and to get the opportunity to sing the Tenor Solo next to Tim Seelig’s sublime Baritone was just incredible!

So for the GALA performance, it was decided that we would perform “Winter Before the Fire” as we had done at the premier. Tim and I would sing our respective parts. How wonderful that would be!

The day before we were to perform, I got a call from Tim. Tim ended up with a very bad throat infection that pretty much ruled out our initial plan.

I was pretty nervous at that point – well let’s face it, I was a nervous wreck the moment we got in Miami just wondering how well it would all go, and by all, I don’t just mean my song, but the whole set. Sure we sounded great and we presented ourselves well – it’s just a personal thing I go through nearly every big performance we have.

Fortunately, everything was on our side. Though the final work was written for Tenor and Baritone, initially, it was written for a tenor (me) as a “Wedding-Cake Party” present for my friends, Sally and Amy. So we were good there. In the end, our AD spent some time talking me down, helping me relax and finally saying, after critiquing part of my solo, “Believe me.” I’m not sure if he meant that I should trust what he was saying and relax in that section of the piece or if he meant to project an earnest reflection of the song in my manner. I decided to take it both ways, and in the video, I think that shows (thus the indelible grin on my face.)

So the music begins. The chorus moves to their new positions. From that point, I’m in the moment. I’ve spotted David, my boyfriend, in the forward rows video taping the performance.

And so, here we are. Here I am. Here we all are – a hall full of people who are singing to make change. And here we are singing a love song about a commitment between two women in front of the fire place in the midwinter.

Well, after a lot of procrastination and then exploring several options for a better, newer, easier program for the site, I decided to go with iWeb for the Mac.

I mean, let’s face it, it’s easier, faster and the interface is nice and clean.

There are plenty of templates and if and when I decide to change the look of the site, I won’t have to do anything more than change the template for the site. I can even make my own templates!
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