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The Chapel Hill Contemporary Music Ensemble presents its second concert of 2014: “Electro-Acoustic” with the UNC Composition Studio. The premieres of electro-acoustic works by the composers will be performed:

Griffin Allen
Sarah Mae Chilton
Richard Drehoff
Henry Stewart Engart III
Eliana Fishbeyn
Edgar Harrell
Stewart McCullough
Dasean Nardone-White
Kevin Tillman
Shuhei Tsurumi

We’ll be streaming the concert live at our website ( and we hope to have a great audience in the hall and online!

8:00p (EST) in Kenan Rehearsal Hall on UNC’s Campus.

CVNC: An Online Arts Journal in North Carolina | Vocal Arts Ensemble – Choral Singing At Its Best.

“This chorus under this conductor knows how to sing from a whisper to overwhelming intensity, how to shape a phrase, how to build to a climax, how to sing so well pitched that they take the audience into realms of possibility beyond the ordinary. . . .The concert was simply choral music at its best sung as it should be sung: artfully, precisely, meaningfully. What can top that? Next year, I suspect.”




This is the recording of the premier of “Hear Our Song” as performed by Common Woman Chorus and Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus.

There Will Be Rest


There Will Be Rest-Poster-Web-img

Stephen Chatman Dryads’ bells
sung bell sounds by this Canadian composer, written in 1999
Dan Locklair Bond and Free
world premiere of NC composer Dan Locklair’s 2012 setting of a Robert Frost poem that explores two sides of life: the intellectual and the emotional
James MacMillan A Child’s Prayer
written by Scottish composer James MacMillan to honor the victims of the 1996 killing at the Dunblane Primary School, which took the lives of 16 children and one adult; performed in this concert to honor the victims of the killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December
Steven Sametz On the death of a friend
2003 composition, with a text from a sermon prior to 1910 burial of King Edward VII
Francis Poulenc Vinea mea electa
one of French composer Poulenc’s 4 Lenten motets from 1939; based on Isaiah and Jeremiah texts about a beloved vine that has turned bitter
Herbert Howells Take him, earth, for cherishing
massive and powerful work written in memory of President John F. Kennedy; performed in this concert to mark the 50th anniversary of his 1963 assassination
Ned Rorem Lift up your heads
written for Ascension Day in 1963, in memory of composer Francis Poulenc
Dale Warland There will be rest
a Sara Teasdale poem, in a choral setting with harp and flute, composed for the Dale Warland Singers in 2003
Dan Forrest Amen
8-voice final movement from SC composer Dan Forrest’s Words of Paradise, 2007
Eriks Esenvalds Northern Lights
2012 composition by this Latvian composer; including a Latvian folk song and the words of two Arctic explorers who encountered the wondrous sight of the Northern lights; with tuned water glasses and chimes!
Arvo Pärt Nunc dimittis
highly expressive 2001 setting by this beloved Estonian minimalist composer; “Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace”
Jaako Mantyjarvi Psalm 150 in Grandsire Triples
his Finnish composer’s1999 piece that includes sung bell patterns in the specific change-ringing style called Grandsire Triples


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