Well, this has been an extremely productive week so far.

1. Gym: treadmill 30 min and stretching/PT for my back (Mon -Thurs)

2. House: pantry loaded up, dishes washed, kitchen clean.

3. Music: working through some ideas and playing with various sound collections I have.

4. Car: went in and replaced the bad lightbulbs in the dash and took everything out to replace the stereo and put the factory one back in. Unfortunately, my trusty 18 year old Alpine stereo no longer works, not because the CD changer or the radio or the cassette player quit, but because the buttons no longer work and I couldn’t get a new faceplate! I loved that deck!

Now, I have to say that Honda by no means made that last task an easy one, I had to remove 5 different covers, Lord knows how many screws, three bolts and probably a pound of flesh in nicks and cuts on metal that was never meant to see the light of day, and oh…. what joy, a full minute-long spasm in my right leg due to the disc I injured a while ago (thus the PT stuff – see 1.)

That trusty little Honda of mine was built in ’99, is past 200k and still runs fantastically! The only issues are that the driver side window is starting to fail and the carpet is definitely worse for the wear – both completely understandable. It’s my love for this little black tidbit of a well-made car that enticed me to do the work I did today, which ended up being a few hours and change.

Still, gotta get that window fixed before I can take the car to the car wash and let them detail it – yes, it IS worth the trouble! Hell, I own it outright, the insurance rates are decent and the property tax on it is close to nothing.

Oh, and if it ever comes down to it, at this point my next car will also be a Honda – and no, I wasn’t paid to say that.

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