I suddenly had a “Duh moment.” I’m pissed at people that insist on forcing their religion on others. On the other hand, I’m realizing that “ultra-traditionalists” are trapped in a cage of their own devising.┬áThe world will continue to change around them and they will become more and more isolated. Forced to live in pockets of others that think as they do because they are incapable of entertaining the idea that other views may be just as valid if not more valid and current than their own. They refuse to see that they are buried in a block of ice, and not only is their heart frozen solid, so is the rest of their existence.

So, this is where I’m going with this: It’s time I get over being upset about these folks, some of whom I love dearly. They drive me crazy sometimes. It’s best that I learn compassion for them. They’ve been painted into a corner in which they seem pretty content to be in, albeit they may believe everyone else should be there too. My getting all wound up about it only hurts me and those near me. It really isn’t my job to “fix” anything.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I will still call “Bullsh–t” when I think I see it, but not so much to try to change the minds of the originators of that steaming pile of poop, but more for those that see the entire spectrum of believers of various faith communities through the same lens as the ultra-orthodox “Ice-dwellers.” They are free to believe as they wish, but not all of those that follow some religion or other believe as they do.


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