The definition of “cooperation” is not “I’ll work with you as long as you do as I say.” Representing the American people does not mean ignoring the election results and the polls and continuing to do the same crap you’ve always done. Saying you’ll do everything to help America succeed does not mean getting elected into congress and taking off more days than any hard working citizen, then getting paid to go raise money to make sure you stay in office. All the while you’re saying that you can’t get anything done? Of course not you loud mouthed blowhards – you’re never in the office long enough.

Stop telling us that you have great ideas to save the economy when you actually conspired to sabotage it!

The only reason these creeps are still in office is that they can manage to work up enough fear through the fox-idiot mouth piece and through making complete lies sound like half truth – their followers are so lazy, they probably stopped at the second sentence of this post.

By this point, I’m so tired of people blaming the president for the state the country is in without regard to the state it was in when he took office or the state it currently is in with employment on the climb and the stock market at record levels.

The only way America is going to succeed is if we get together and some of us stop acting like playground bullies. The economy is improving despite the Republican-best-efforts to make Obama a one-term President (how’s that working for ya?)

Imagine how far along we’d be if there hadn’t been continual obstruction. Oh, and don’t give me the line about how much worse it would be if the republicans hadn’t stonewalled, especially since most of them hopped on the benefit bandwagon after the Obama Administration was able to get the legislation through and then went and told their constituents how evil Obama is!


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