The dichotomy of Fiction v Non-Fiction

How much is social engineering?
How much of it keeps us from reality?
How much of reality is perception?

Media outlets allowing fiction to fuel the story – b/c/o the 24hr news cycle & the fear of being scooped, etc.

Social engineering through desensitization.
Extreme violence, sex, drama, etc.
Extreme comedy, extreme fear, extreme love.
Comparative paradigms – vicarious experience & sensationalization of self destructive behavior.

The fiction of “Reality TV”

Personal “Prisons”

Using the metaphor of “The Prisoner” and how we can be our own jailer or our own liberator
How can we expand our personal walls?
how far into the desert are we willing to wander?
How long are we wiling to tread water?

How long can we do this before the “Rover” of social engineering norms drags us back into The Village?

What aspects of our lives are Pavlovian Social Responses – Cell phones, texting,“Productivity”?

notes –
* Dehumanization of automation
* How much does the interconnectedness of social networking isolate us from human face-to-face interaction?
*Has this kind of interaction fed the media cycle & how the media behaves?
The sudden disregard for electronic archival media & the understanding that facts can be researched more easily than ever before

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