Time for bed.
Time for rest.
I try so hard.
I do my best to find some reason.
But it can keep
until I find myself again in my sleep.

Silent, Spinning – stars above my head dancing bright, come to view.
Softly drifting, sleeping and as I do, I’m dreaming of you.

And I wonder tonight, as I walk through the light where you are.
Are you dreaming of me?

Warm wind blowing in off the ocean waves and the spray tastes so sweet.
Full moon glowing, smiling down on us and our love so complete.

For ’twas here on that night,
heavens shining so bright that we vowed to share the rest of our lives.

I miss your tender kisses, quiet moments we would share,
our hopes for the future in the warm evening air.

Our vows on the beach there looking out at the sea,
never knowing our union was never to be.

When I saw you drift away, love, moving farther from the shore;
I was helpless to retrieve you and the moon she smiled no more.
I will never again hold you, feel the touch of your hand.
But I’ll always feel you near me sitting here on the sand.

In my sweetest of dreams, you are still here with me in my heart
for the rest of my life.


In My Sleep – Copyright © 1994 – 2000, Kevin Tillman – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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