Once my life was pain and passion

war and strife and sorrow

love and friendship, joy and laughter

Beauty, Sun, Darkness, Dying


We have argued, shouted, cried, forgiven

..Been there for each-other’s trials

……..<Shared our love>


One day in pain and suffering I

with loud voice did cry to Heaven

Darkness came and then came morning.

Silence – then came peace –


A river running clear before me

.. Glistening in the morning sun –

.. Beyond a field of greenest grass

.. A single great tree beside a garden wall


I then walked across the River, cool and gentle flow

on the other shore I looked behind me,

Saw your tears flow into the River and made whole

then across the field, much farther than I first thought

A warm breeze bowed the grass before me –

each step brought memories of love, tenderness and joy.


Now I stand before the tree

shading me from the mid-day sun

On each leaf is etched the Name of those Before me

.. And those to come –


Now at the gate I wonder – what lies in store for me?

Before I can ponder my thoughts longer

The gate opens wide and a smiling face bids me enter

……then in a warm voice says


“Peace …. Joy …. Love …. Rest


” Once your life was Pain and passion

War and Strife and Sorrow

Love and Friendship – Joy and Laughter

Beauty Sun Darkness Dying


“- Now Peace -”


The Passing – Copyright © 2004, Kevin Tillman – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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