Tom said… “Kevin, I just read your essay that you wrote for and I had to comment…I was really impressed by the way you expressed your feelings about the situation in Iraq. You really nailed it like nobody I’ve ever heard before. What’s going on with our government is unbelievable, and I’ve grown cynical and fatalistic. I don’t know what I can do anymore/ Thanks for speaking out. Tom Lawless” Although I would love to take credit for such an eloquent piece of writing, I must give credit where it is due. Though the article was written by a Kevin Tillman, it was not by me, but the brother of Pat Tillman, the Army soldier killed two years ago in a “Friendly fire” incident. Please take some time out to read this article and the responses posted there. It is quite the enlightening read. There is something we can do! PRAY. Pray for peace Pray for God’s wisdom Pray for God’s will on Earth. Jesus gave us the commandment that we should love. Love God with all our heart, body and soul; Love each other as he loved us; love our neighbors as ourselves. He warned us against trying to serve two masters – God is the only, not the first, but the only Master we should serve. I will let you draw your own conclusions regarding this concept. What terrible things have been wrought for greed, lust for power and taking nationalism to the extent of idol worship? What happens when we worship anything like we should worship and honor God – that we think it is infallible, that it can comfort us, protect us and save us from evil? What happens when we try to fit God into our lives instead of God fitting us into His plan. We go on about our busy lives, maybe go to church on Sunday and give to various charities, we “fit” the teachings of Christ into our lives. What would happen if our lives were the teachings of Christ? What if we lived in the model he made for us? To live as servants to one another, not the master? To live to uplift each other instead of trying to get the leg up over everybody else? To feed the hungry and visit the prisoner and uplift the widow, each of us as we are able? To be the instruments of peace that St. Francis speaks of? Imagine…. Just one day, one day, walk away from the life we normally live and for that one day, just one day, act like we really believe what He taught us act like Love is the one and only commandment act like when we do unto the “least of these” we do unto Him act like we understand that when we cherish God He will give us our heart’s desire – for we will desire God. just one simple day, say no to the way the World thinks and remember that He is God, and there is no other AMEN

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