One of the greatest things that we as artists, poets, songwriters, etc. are called to is the role of voice of the people.

In the early days – and I mean “in the beginning of music” song writers and musicians played a major role in the spiritual community. As time went on, bards and minstrels took on the social concerns of their day – as well as writing and singing love songs and carrying on the oral history through music.

Musicians became the “free speakers” of their time. Quite often able to speak up about injustice and other social issues. Many times they got away with it by making light of the escapades of those in power – in reality, they were really tearing away at the powers that be by informing their fellow citizens about the goings on in their world.

That was a very different time, but I am proud to say that the tradition lives on. A friend of mine emailed me a link to an mp3 file and it took me a few minutes fo figure out who the artist was.

It is a song called “Dear Mr. President” by Pink – featuring the Indigo Girls.

I will let the song speak for itself and Pink’s Story about the song to speak for themselves.

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