I know I’ve left this site languishing for a long time, but I am finally back to setting priorities. I have been overwhelmed with another project that I hope will be completed by the end of the month (YIPPEE!) After getting the encouragement from Dwayne H. Phillip M. And Tim S., I feel re-energized and ready to start focusing on completing some songs that have remained unfinished and arrange songs that are more or less ready for arrangement. I really am looking forward to getting back to writing. I have some minor recording projects from other groups that I need to focus on as well. All of these projects have been captured from the video and two I think have been saved in Digital Performer to mix down the audio. There really isn’t much left to do on these except mix down the audio and complete editing and marking the video projects. The audio projects will need to be separated into tracks. After I get these out of the way then I can get back to writing. I will very likely write while render files or output files are being created. I really feel blessed! I have people around me who are supportive and caring. They won’t hesitate to help correct me if I stray. They are willing to provide constructive criticism where it is needed. Far too often, people, esp. those close to you, will tell you what they think you want to hear. People around me have varying degrees of differing opinions, though not radically so. I finally posted to posts that have been sitting on my Palm Pilot for months (the previous 2) – I’m glad to get them out! Well, I have my work cut out for me. However, I have no doubt that with God’s help, I will be successful in all of these.

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